Thomas Pel

Thomas Pel is an online and community specialist currently working as co-owner for several companies and employed at the largest Dutch telco KPN, as social innovations manager.

Thomas has been active in the online field since 2001 and in social and communities since 2010. At KPN he was involved at the starting phase of the social media service team and headed up the first stages of the KPN Community. Outside of KPN he contributed to a number of online projects for a variety of local clients.

Focusing mainly on the business side of online and social at a tactical and strategic level these days, Thomas is still proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript. He also holds relevant certifications in community management, project management (eg. Lean6Sigma, PrinceII), Salesforce and is a certified Scrum Master.

Currently based in the north of the Netherlands, Groningen, he travels through our relatively small country of the Netherlands multiple times a week and can just as often be found in either Amsterdam or the Hague.

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